Today in Music: 03/20/19

TODAY IN MUSIC: Meet the Temptations, the debut studio album by the Temptations was released on March 20, 1964, on the Gordy label. The album is made up of previously released singles, including the group’s first hit song, “The Way You Do The Things You Do”. The album cover features the line-up of Eddie Kendricks, Melvin Franklin, Paul Williams, Otis Williams, and the newest member of the group, David Ruffin. Ruffin had joined the Temptations just three months before Meet the Temptations was released, and actually only appears on “The Way You Do The Things You Do”. All other tracks on the album feature original Temptation Elbridge Bryant. Bryant was fired from the group in late 1963. #thetemptations #meetthetemptations #motown #gordy #berrygordy #soundofyoungamerica #eddiekendricks #melvinfranklin #paulwilliams #otiswilliams #davidruffin #thewayyoudothethingsyoudo #elbridgebryant #tonyatlarge #eclectimaniacradioshow #todayinmusic #musichistory

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