Today in Music: 03/25/19

TODAY IN MUSIC: Newlyweds John Lennon and Yoko Ono began the first of two week-long “Bed-Ins” for peace on March 25, 1969, at the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam. The couple had been married five days earlier in Gibraltar and decided to use the inevitable press scrutiny of their marriage to promote world peace. The couple checked into the Presedential Suite (Room 902), decorated it with photos and hand-made signs and invited the world’s press into the room for interviews each day between 9 am and 9 pm. Throughout the interviews, John and Yoko explained their intention of utilizing their fame to generate headlines about peace instead of war. The couple were met with a combination of polite curiosity, amusement and overt hostility. but as expected, provoked a great deal of press coverage globally. The event was filmed, resulting in the the 40-minute film, Honeymoon. The Lennons held their second “Bed-In” in Montreal during a seven day stay at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel. #johnlennon #yokoono #bedin #bedinforpeace #newlyweds #amsterdam #hiltonhotelamterdam #queenelizabethhotel #montreal #peace #givepeaceachance #makelovenotwar #hairpeace #bedpeace #room902 #tonyatlarge #eclectimaniacradioshow #todayinmusci #musichistory

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