Today in Music: 4/11/19

TODAY IN MUSIC: “Sign o’ the Times” by Prince started a three week run at number one on the R&B singles chart on April 11, 1987. “Sign o’ the Times” was the lead single and title track of Prince’s 1987 album, his first after disbanding The Revolution. “Sign o’ the Times” is one of Prince’s bleaker songs addressing problems such as AIDS, gang violence, poverty, drug use and the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. The song has been covered by Simple Minds, Chaka Khan and Heaven 17, among others. Prince recorded the song using a Fairlight Synthesizer. #prince #signothetimes #randb #therevolution #princeandtherevolution #simpleminds #chakakhan #heaven17 #fairlightsynthesizer #catglover #coloryoupeachandblack #ohyeah #tonyatlarge #eclectimaniacradioshow #todayinmusic #musichistory #rip #princeforever

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