Today in Music: 6/14/19

TODAY IN MUSIC: Madonna’s Who’s That Girl World Tour kicked off at the Osaka Stadium in Osaka, Japan, on June 14, 1987. Supporting her third studio album True Blue (1986) and the Who’s That Girl soundtrack (1987), the tour was her second overall and first world tour, visiting Asia, North America and Europe. Madonna trained rigorously for the demands of the tour which were physically, musically and technically more ambitious than the previous Virgin Tour. The multi-media show consisted of seven costume changes (designed by Marlene Stewart who had designed the now iconic black bustier from the “Open Your Heart” video) and extensive staging and choreography by Shabba Doo. The tour also marked the first time Madonna used Niki Haris and Donna De Lory as backup vocalists (the two would continue for several subsequent tours as Madonna’s featured backing vocalists). Who’s That Girl World Tour was a commercial success, grossing $25 million dollars over 3 legs and 38 total shows. The tour was captured for the release Ciao Italia: Live from Italy. Level 42 served as the official opening act. #madonna #whosthatgirl #whosthatgirlworldtour #madonnawhosthatgirl #osakajapan #osakastadium #trueblue #moviesoundtracks #concerttours #virgintour #marlenestewart #openyourheart #shabbadoo #nikiharis #donnadelory #ciaoitalialivefromitaly #level42 #tonyatlarge #eclectimaniacradioshow #todayinmusic #musichistory

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