Today in Music: 6/17/19

TODAY IN MUSIC: On June 17, 1967, Barbra Streisand performed a free concert in New York’s Central Park before an audience of 135,000. The special concert was sponsored by Rheingold Beer to start the second season of the company’s Central Park Music Festival. Held in Sheep Meadow, the show was directed by Robert Scheerer (the Andy Williams Show, the Danny Kaye Show and a number of Bell Telephone Hours), with music direction by Mort Lindsey. Streisand took the weekend off from filming “Funny Girl”, her movie debut, to perform the concert. Torrential rains fell until roughly 5pm the evening of the performance, causing some preparation and technical issues. The concert was recorded and filmed for a live album and television special which was broadcast September 15, 1968, on CBS. It was during this performance that Streisand forgot the lyrics to the song “When the Sun Comes Out”, which led to her well-known stagefright thereafter. #barbrastreisand #ahappeningincentralpark #freeconcerts #centralpark #nyc #sheepmeadown #rheingoldbeer #centralparkmusicfestival #robertscheerer #andywilliams #dannykaye #mortlindsey #funnygirl #cbs #whenthesuncomesout #tonyatlarge #eclectimaniacradioshow #todayinmusic #musichistory

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