Today in Music: 6/18/19

TODAY IN MUSIC: Odelay by Beck was released on June 18, 1996, by DGC Records. Odelay was Beck’s follow-up to Mellow Gold (1994). Produced primarily by Beck and The Dust Brothers, “Odelay” received critical acclaim upon release and is Beck’s most commercially successful album. Like Mellow Gold, Odelay incorporates elements from numerous genres including folk, country, rock and hip-hop. The album ws nominated for the Album of the Year Grammy Award and won Grammys for Best Alternative Music Album and Best Male Rock Vocal Performance for “Where It’s At”. Four singles were released from Odelay: “Where It’s At”, “Devil’s Haircut”, “The New Pollution”, and “Sissyneck”. #beck #odelay #beckodelay #dgcrecords #mellowgold #thedustbrothers #folk #country #rock #hiphop #grammyawards #bestmalerockvocalperformance #bestalternativealbum #tonyatlarge #eclectimaniacradioshow #todayinmusic #musichistory

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